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01Vespasia - search for Banewind

Mission location: Vespasia (Acheros Salient)

Kill-Team line-up:
Brother Apothecary Calibos of the Dark Angels (squad leader)
Brother Librarian Oinor of the Guardians of the Covenant
Battle-Brother Oleg Hrathfar of the Space Wolves
Brother Devastator Udaris of the Imperial Fists
Brother Assault-marine Sarik Tyrmav of the White Scars (not present)

Kill-team Banewind MIA after failing to report at the extraction point.
The Kill-Team consists of Ultramarine Librarian as a leader, Iron Lords Techmarine and Raven Guard tactical marine.
The Kill-Team was dropped on the surface of planet Khazant in the Acheros Salient. Their original mission was to to assassinate a high ranking Stigmartus general – elimination of the officer was a key point for a larger-scale operation.
They left Khazant abroad a Navy patrol ship heading for Agri-world Vespasia, where they were expected to await extraction by an inquisitorial ship.
The ship arrived some two weeks after the Navy cruiser left the system, however the Inquistion were unable to establish contact with the Kill-Team. Unfortunately, the Iniquisitorial warship was operating on a very tight schedule and had more pressing matters, thus they passed astropathic message reporting their findings before leaving the system.

Kill-Team deployed on the northern outskirts of the planetary capital where their investigation of the battlefield was interrupted by a firefight with human renegades from the Ravaging Pack warband.


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